If you are completely new to Fortnite,  it can be  a little confusing at the start. Tips do come up on screen but here are a few things you need to know.

  1. You always start with nothing and have to find weapons and shields plus building materials when you land.
  2. You click play to go into the game and once in  – you will find yourself in a practice area or on board the bus. If you are on the bus then you are in the game. In the practice area you can just try out new guns and practice while waiting for the game to begin.
  3. While in the practice area, you can access the map by pushing the very small button on the controller (2 rectangles together) This shows you the route of the bus and you can choose where you want to go before the game even begins. You can press A on the map to place a marker. A again to remove, if you see somewhere better and it can be moved around with the joystick.
  4. There are various settings you can make in Fortnite that tell your controls how to behave. For instance, you can set it to run as a default.